HIOPOS Point of Sale Solution for Hairdressers & Beauty

Hairdressers & Beauty POS

Manage your Hairdresser and Beauty salon with HIOPOS solutions, scaleable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your business. They offer an integral solution that improve the efficiency, optimize the resources and increase the profits of your establishments.

Manage your time

Manage and visualise your appointments in an easier, quicker, and more intuitive way. 

You will have the option to assign services by, hours, days, or employees with available time. 

With HIOPOS you will be able to better visualise your calendar by day or employee. You can also assign one appointment to different employees according to the service being provided.

Manage Your Time
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Organise Your Employee’s

Assign different schedules and shifts to your employees. By doing this, you will be able to easily manage future appointments by seeing your employees work schedules. 

With HIOPOS you can easily configure both business days and holidays for your company, this will help you better visualize personal leave and public holidays.

Suggested sales

Increase the average bill by creating the suggested sales. HIOPOS suggests to the employees what they have to offer to the costumers after the service.

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Group Employees According to their Speciality

Group employees by their speciality to assign services to the appropriate person. This makes it easier and faster to sort bookings by employees


Create and Personalise Your Deals

Create and personalise the packages you offer to avoid checking the service and the length of every appointment. 

HIOPOS will allow you to decide which services can be part of the package and which days of the week will be available

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Determine the Length of your services

With HIOPOS determine the length of each service that your business offers, as a result you will know how long each service will take. You will also get the option to easily organised the appointments and your Employees


Assign Appointments and Check a Customer’s History

With HIOPOS you will have access to your customer’s order history. You will be able to see which items the customer usually buys and who last assisted them. 

There are also options to create appointments for one-time customers, which will be charged without the need to be put on the calendar

Stock control

Organize, plan and keep control of your stock with our management tool. It allows you to keep track of your purchases from your providers and control your inventory.
You will have access to statistics from all your purchases, classified by families, items and much more. You will have at your disposition an audit report about your opening stock, purchases, sales, wastage, and closing stock.

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Online reservations

From your own website or social network, your customers can make reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week and from anywhere in real time.



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Stimulate and increase your sales by assigning and paying commissions to your employees.

Receive and analyze information about your business in real time with HIOPOS Analytics

Don’t lose clients If your Hair salon is full, create waiting lists through the Sitting application, recording the data of final customers in order to be able to notify them via SMS when a spot is free in your salon. No expensive additional items to break or lose.

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Integrate with card payments

Connect HIOPOS with your PinPad to allow payment by card. Accelerate your sales and avoid mistakes when you enter the amount manually.


Centralise all the information from your business

HIOFFICE Lite is the web application which allows you to configure remotely and centrally one (HIOFFICE LITE) or several business (HIOFFICE PREMIUM). Track real-time sales and cash counts of each point of sale. Update centrally items, sizes, cost evaluation, pricing, offers and inventory control. Manage your purchases in an easy and intuitive way.


Main functionalities


Keeps working with no internet connection


Receipt Splitting


Menu Management


Modifiers, Formats and Price Tag Management


Room Rate Allocation


Manage Tables with Management Software


Connects to Printers and KVS


Easily Identify Allergens in Products


Access Stats from any Place or Device


Centralised Management of different POS System


Secure Cloud Storage with Daily Backups


Cash Control Management Integration Available


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